What I think Bogota is missing……

I live in one of the largest capital cities in South America containing 7,363,782 inhabitants, this is why the streets are always full of people and the transport is a nightmare.

For 2 years I’ve put it down to normality – its a huge city, therefore that’s why its so so busy………But London has an estimated 8,308,369 residents, and its never seemed half as crazy or over populated as here, even at the busiest times

So it got me thinking, what does London have that Bogota doesn’t that could help this situation?


And the answer that I’ve come up with is a POSTAL SERVICE!

Imagine just for a minute, that every letter that is posted each day in London, is delivered by hand here in Bogota. That means that people here have to literally get in their car or on a bus to take their post to its destination.  Therefore if there was a postal service here in Bogota, think how much calmer the transport would be each day.

But then again would it work??

Would Colombians actually trust to post their personal letters, documents etc  in the hands of another?……..

Would the postmen be trusted to carry and actually deliver the post safely?………..

Would anyone take responsibility if anything went missing or was lost, destroyed or stolen?………………


The answer to all three is probably not, which is sad, really sad because if the process was set up with the right laws and with enforcement and it was respected then it could make a huge difference to Bogota’s chaos.

If you want to send something here via post, your stuck with private companies like Fed-ex or DHL etc which charge a fortune, however if the government was to introduce a “royal mail” type of service prices could be lowered making it so much easier.

This is my idea, maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn’t, maybe we will never know, but for now, when I’m sat on a crowded bus looking at people travelling clutching their papers ill always wonder.