Terrifying School Trends!

hey guys,

I know its been a while since I wrote about anything, but in all honesty its been tough thinking of something worthwhile to share. I mean I could write about all the usual stuff (things I love about being abroad, things I hate about it, the baby, working abroad etc…..) but you’ve heard it all before.

However I felt I had to write about this news I heard yesterday that really shocked me! It’s not good, pleasant or fun – its SHOCKING, NASTY and UNBELIEVABLE, but I want to share it.

Being a mum here is difficult at times, although I think I’m getting more used to it day by day.

I recently spoke to someone about all the worries of being a mum in a country that isn’t where you were born and grew up, and I told him that although I worry about every new experience for ages before it happens, once it actually comes to it those feared situations just sort of pass by and I think “oh it wasn’t that bad – I don’t know why I worried so much!”

Schooling here is one of the things I’e worried about since day 1 of being a mum.

What if I cant help him with his homework because my Spanish isn’t good enough?

what if he’s bullied!

what if he gets involved with the wrong crowd and takes drugs or drinks etc…?

what if he’s fine but I’m not as involved as the other parents………there’s a lot of fears.

well those things are no longer my main concern. I heard 2 things yesterday which have instilled a fear in me so big i cant express it. Not only fears for myself and Niko, but for any child really in any school.

I found out that firstly, the number of reported cases of sexual child abuse in schools (by the american embassy only) this year have been 40 cases!

That’s a enormously high number given that there are maybe hundreds more cases unreported by kids of other nationalities including Colombian kids who are most likely not to report it.

Given that we are only talking about sexual abuse (there will be bullying, verbal and physical abuse on top of this figure) not to mention this is just in the last 4 months!

what really scares me is that usually the kids whose parents work for the American embassy here are sent to the best, bilingual schools that they pay more for each month than i earn in 2 months! what the hell is happening then in the public schools to all these Colombian children!

When i told my husband of this shocking news, he said he was shocked too, but told me of something even more shocking that you find now in public schools.

So there’s this “game” that has been reported on the news this year, that kids now “play”.

Games I think of that come to mind are kiss chase, bulldog, cops and robbers, catch or skipping. in fact I’m sure when I was in school even kiss chase was a bit out of hand sometimes……………

So what is this horrid “game” that kids are now into


Well, a school girl (outside of school hours) will be somewhere, with several of her male classmates (could be up to 5 or 6) the game is that each of them takes it in turns to penetrate her several times and then pull out, they go round and round penetrating her until one ejaculates. he is then out and the others carry on. This carries on until there is only one boy who hasn’t cum. he is then the winner and gets the credit in school and is known as the winner.

What’s worse is that condoms are not used and so there are cases where the girl gets pregnant or is open to disease.

I don’t know what shocks me more, the fact that the boys enjoy it. The fact that they don’t use protection. The fact that the girl does this willingly. The fact that she’s cool for doing it or the fact that this “game” was even invented in the first place.

Schools here cost money. You have to pay for your kids education, uniform, books, materials EVERYTHING. and that’s more expensive the better the school.

Public school was an option I HAD considered for Niko previous to knowing of this behaviour. Now I’m not entirely sure I want him to go to school at all!

I know that how you raise your kids and how you educate them has a huge impact on how they will behave in situations when parents are not around or they are with friends, but still, I worry for the stupid mistakes Niko could make, or the bad decisions he could chose because things like the above become a cool, school-status trend that everyone becomes part of.

Here’s hoping that kids soon realise its not a game, its a serious problem and could lead to a lot of unhappy, pregnant or infected boys and girls.

and here’s preying that we can afford a nice school for him, best start saving now!!!