A very close call

So a while back someone said I should change the name of my blog because having gone through everything to have a baby here and becoming a mummy, I am no longer an idiot. Well I couldn’t figure out how to change it, (maybe the name is appropriate after all) but more so after Friday night……

I’m writing this in a blog because so many people are asking what happened to me this weekend, and it pains me to keep re-telling the whole story (not to mention typing right now is a bitch) so I’m just going to tell the story on here.

So having spent the whole of Saturday spring cleaning our room the last job to do was clean the bits in the kitchen. We had just that day given my mother in law a brand new set of extremely sharp knives and a lemon squeezer. The knives were open but the squeezer was still in its packaging secured by those annoyingly tough plastic security tags.

So I grabbed for the new knife, and began sawing away from me – it wasn’t working, so this idiot decided to start pulling towards me, needless to say the knife slipped and went straight into my hand. It went all the way in and out in I guess less than a second and instantly the blood began to spurt out of my hand like it does in really bad horror films, there was puddles of it on the floor and it was on the worktop, ceiling, and as far as the patio (a rooms length away from me).

Obviously I screamed for Juan, which I had to do twice as after the first scream he was shhh-ing me and telling me to relax, it turns out he thought I had seen a spider or something. When I screamed that I thought I was dying he and my mother in law rushed in. within seconds I had lost the feeling in my whole hand, was wrapped in a tea towel and was in the car.

There was a discussion in the car about which hospital to go too (because there are certain ones you have to go to depending on the health cover you have here – but I knew the nearest one would be at least a 40 minute drive, I screamed to just go to the emergencies here in my ‘barrio’ –I would have paid anything just to be told right then that I wasn’t dying.

We arrived at the hospital in Fontibon and luckily for an AnE at midnight on a Saturday I was the 3rd person in, so I was seen after about an hour ish. LUCKY!

Needless to say while Juan left me to go sort the car out, and I was sat there shaking and crying/ moaning, I had all sorts of sympathetic looks from people worrying about the gringa had been stabbed!

I did learn one thing sitting there being in extreme pain – pain makes me a really mean and judgmental person, horrible in fact. I was complaining about having to wait saying that it was a hospital for poor people that was understaffed with only 2 doctors working, that hadn’t yet given me anything for the pain, and so low budget there was blood stains all over the floor – Juan later told me the blood was mine! Ooops (I take back all horrible things I said, sorry).

I was called through to see the doctor and through nerves, shock and fear actually did quite well surprisingly in Spanish. But he could see how scared I was and asked Juan to come through to be with me.

I was laid down and given maybe 5 or 6 horrendously painful injections to numb my hand which had me screaming so loud I’m actually quite embarrassed by it now (I even apologised to the doctor when he had finished). He then began my 10 stiches while I laid there crying listening to the doctor and Juan chit chatting about Juan living in London, where he learned to do stiches and the horrible place at night which is Fontibon!!

When I was done and sat up the amount of blood all over the floor nearly made me faint but I was ok.

Finally he told me to go see the nurse for an injection for the pain and a tetanus jab. The nurse only washed my hand with soapy water, asked me if it had been a suicide attempt as I was so close to getting the main vein / artery – whichever it is that I had nearly killed myself, then sent me home with a prescription – not very reassuring.

We found a 24 hour drug store, got my meds and was at home by maybe 2.30am.

No sleep at all and 4 painkillers later and I was still in excruciating pain by mid-morning. I went over to my local pharmacist and she gave me an injection for the pain (which didn’t even help) and told me to come back later for the tetanus. She told me the meds the hospital had prescribed were the cheapest ones available and were a bit crap! So that explained the amount of pain I still had!

I spent my first day at home in constant pain but every hour or so it would get unbearable and id begin to shake and cry again. Thank god for having some of the best people I know around me to help out with distracting me and to help with Niko!

I had my tetanus jab and at night managed to get some sleep for the first time in two days. 2nd day the pain was more bearable but I was still a little worried that I could only just about move my fingers and still couldn’t move or feel my thumb, but I’ve now convinced myself that’s just due to the swelling and I’m trying to relax about the fact that I have a semi paralysed hand in a claw shape.

Today is day three, I’m able to wiggle my fingers, and slightly move my thumb although it’s still numb with pins and needles. Its a little swollen but I have so far escaped without bruising. The swelling shows how far the knife went into my hand which is through the skin between my index finger and thumb, and as far as to the middle of my wrist.

Now that I’m not in shock and can think rationally and humanly, it is a little funny that I have been in a bit of a dangerous barrio of Bogota for nearly 3 years now and managed to stay safe until I was stabbed – BY MYSELF! My granddad summed it up nicely in an email

“Hi Claire, just heard from mum. If you are going to embrace the Colombian knifing culture, do it to someone else! Silly to attack yourself”

So that’s the story of this idiot abroad, I’m very grateful for everyone’s well wishes and concern and for the help of my husband and close friend Zoe who have looked after me since it happened. And right now as over the top as it might seem I’m just so happy to be alive and without permanent damage (although I’m still a little concerned about my thumb) but I have a GP appointment on Friday so fingers crossed.

And that’s it, ill keep you updated! PS- I have the cutest son ever who’s very concerned about mummy’s “owchie” and keeps giving me kisses!


One comment

  1. kerrylee · November 11, 2014

    Claire I don’t like what’s happened and hope you feel better soon but….. I absolutely love reading your blogs x x

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