The Worlds Greatest! But Why!


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Muhammad Ali had no idea he would eventually be the world’s greatest. So just how did he do it?

Born in 1942, Louisville Kentucky, Cassius Clay grew up to be a dedicated boxer, philanthropist and social activist, When he set out to do something – he got results!

After catching a thief red handed trying to steal his bike and threatening to “whoop his ass” a policeman advised that Cassius first learn how to box. So that’s exactly what he did.

He soon built up an amateur record of 100 wins and only 5 loses. Cassius made a name for himself, and soon after won the light heavyweight title in the 1960 summer Olympics in Rome.

He changed his name after joining the Nation of Islam faith in 1964 and became ‘Muhammad Ali.

Whilst at the top of his game Ali was the biggest trash talker in boxing.

He has a professional boxing…

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